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Hodgson Corporation
Purchase Agreement

Our purchase agreement is a contract between a buyer and Hodgson Corporation or any of its divisions (seller). The buyer must be at least 18 years old to enter into this contract. The buyer is any entity that purchases or acquires any product, service, or information from the seller. The seller provides products, services or information to the buyer. Any purchase or information transfer between the buyer and the seller constitutes an acceptance of this agreement.

Buyer Responsibility

The buyer agrees to take full responsibility for their decisions regarding any purchase and any interpretation of information from the seller. The buyer agrees to complete their due diligence on their purchase, prior to purchase.

Your purchase is a process or sequence of steps that should be followed in order to guarantee your purchase satisfaction:

  • Buyer education via information from many sources
  • Identification of features, benefits, and material safety considerations
  • Applicability of product/service/information to your situation
  • Review warranty information
  • Price and delivery quote
  • Payment of local duties or taxes on resale items is the buyers responsibility

It is the buyers responsibility to check delivery, before purchase, in cases where a delivery date is critical. Delivery times can vary widely based on the product type and whether it is in stock, ranging from one day to months.

The buyer agrees to report product defects or shipping damage immediately to the seller. Failure to report in a timely fashion may void your warranty and make you ineligible for refunds.

The buyer agrees to pay all damages plus attorney or collection fees, in cases involving credit card fraud or any circumstance that leads to non-payment of the buyers account.

The buyer accepts the privacy policy and the website terms of use policy.

Refund Policy

Hodgson Corporation is committed to provide the information the buyer needs to make an informed buying decision, prior to that buying decision. Refunds and returns cost the seller a significant amount of money. Refunds and returns will be limited based on the circumstances of the purchase. Restocking fees may apply. Credits for other merchandise may be offered instead of a refund. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. If we have made an error regarding your order or can not deliver in a timely fashion, we will adjust your order to your satisfaction or refund your money.

Seller Responsibility

Hodgson Corporation endeavors to determine that all products/service/information sold, will meet the specifications of the supplier, unless otherwise specified. Defective products will be replaced or the purchase price will be refunded at our discretion, upon return of such merchandise to Hodgson Corporation. Hodgson Corporation is primarily a distributor and therefore does not offer warranties. We will offer assistance to our clients to collect on supplier warranties, but can not guarantee results.

Hodgson Corporation and its suppliers are responsible for providing accurate product/service information so our buyers can make an informed decision; however, we are not experts on the thousands of products we distribute. Hodgson Corporation will endeavor to provide but does not guarantee accurate information. Hodgson Corporation will immediately correct any inaccurate information and address any compensation at its sole discretion. Hodgson Corporation and its suppliers will provide all information available, prior to your purchase, upon request.

Hodgson Corporation will endeavor to provide quality delivery in a timely fashion.

Hodgson Corporation collects sales tax on end user purchases.

Hodgson Corporation will keep your private information, private, unless we receive your approval, or, we are mandated by an official government agency to disclose information.

Seller Liability

The seller is not liable for any damages of any kind, resulting from:

  • information transfers of any kind between the buyer and seller, via verbal, written, or internet transmissions
  • any product/service/information purchase or acquisition
  • use of defective products or misuse of products
  • delivery of inaccurate information to the buyer


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