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Hodgson Corporation
Privacy Policy

Use of this website constitutes acceptance of our privacy policy.

The following points define our privacy policy.

  • We do not sell any information collected, on visitors or clients
  • Only information you submit is collected, and that information is solely for the use of Hodgson Corporation.
  • Credit card information is not stored by Hodgson Corporation on its website or in its database. Credit card information is encrypted and transmitted at the highest security level to our credit card processor.
  • Submission of your contact information gives us permission to contact you from time to time.
  • Regular email contact and email special offers requires that you submit your email address for inclusion to our special email lists. Our email lists are double opt-in lists which you can unsubscribe from at any time.
  • Our websites are hosted with one of the largest and most secure hosting companies on the web. However, no one can guarantee that private information delivered via the internet will not be accessed by third parties.


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